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Have you ever tried to talk with your partner 

and found that you just can’t quite make it happen?

My name is Kira Harlamor of KAH ENTERPRISES LLC, 

creator of

I’m an inspirational speaker, dating advisor, podcaster with my podcast, “Love Talk With Kira” and you may have seen me throughout my social media’s as 

a video blogger giving out free dating and relationship advice.

After publishing my book, Your Path To Inspiration” and “The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating In Today‘s Era”,  I dedicated myself to inspiring others through sharing my message at other’s conferences around the United States, social media, blogging and my podcast! 

Whether online, as a keynote speaker, podcaster, or a workshop leader, I will help break through the boundaries of miscommunication that are keeping you stuck and shape your future, while dating or in relationships in general. 

You will believe in yourself!  You will understand that after you can talk to your partner or others, so they understand you, and you understand them, then your world of yesterday’s regrets are easily manifested into the world of 

your victories today!  In other words, you’re finally going to be happy!

Let me tell you a story.  When I was a young child we had it all!  

We had everything! We even had our own plane to fly around in!  

Then times took a turn and we lost it all! 

Along with my parents relationship! I was ten and ever since then, I’ve wanted to help others make better choices in their relationships!  

Then I ended up in a few failed, long term relationships myself, which made me want to figure out what it was that I was doing.

So I took action, took numerous programs and educated myself on the male mind, they’re perspective, how they think, & how to talk to others on a daily basis so you’ll understand what your partner is trying to say while dating and in 

relationships.  Every time I learned something new, I applied it then shared it with others.  You can apply this immediately!  I will teach you...

It’s very easy to learn...

I’m very passionate when it comes to communication or talking to others and how it affects romance and our relationships.  

Many limit their beliefs and allow others to direct their lives down a 

different path in order to make everyone else happy, instead of themselves...

They don’t understand how to ask for what they want. 

The three keys to success and 

productivity are: 

1:  Taking direct action

2:  Learning how to communicate or talk


3:  Rising to the occasion, making it happen...

Release your pocket full of 

sunshine...which is also my nickname...

You just need someone to inspire you, to encourage you and show you how to lift your hands, allow yourself to shine, creating a continuous flow towards a path that’s right for you. 

A path that you want! 

To create your happiness and know your purpose! 

You will learn how to take direct action, to communicate and talk with one another, and rise to the occasion! 

You will be able to build a strong foundation, connection while dating or in relationships and create the happiness you want and desire! 

Contact me to schedule 

a consultation and get the immediate reward of being able to talk to your partner while dating or in relationships. 

As Eckhart Tolle says, “The karmic law is forgiveness” so forgive yourself and others for the past and start living your life for today by taking action and taking action now! 

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Allow your self to choose your 

path, manifest and continue to’s risk free!

So subscribe today, 

Sign up! 

And schedule an upcoming event, 

and make your dreams come true! 

I did it and you can do it too! 

Don’t waste any more time! 

Sending you a hug! 

See you soon! 

My Philosophy Towards Creating Your Future


Many limit their beliefs and allow others to directly transform their lives down a alternate path in order to adhere to their standards. They don't understand how to communicate what they want. The keys to success and productivity are taking direct action, learning how to communicate and rising to the occasion.  Release your pocket full of sunshine!  You just need someone to inspire you, to encourage and show you how to lift your hands, allow yourself to shine, creating a continous flow towards a path that's right for you.  To create your happiness and know your purpose.  

Workshops and Keynotes


As an Inspirational Author, I will inspire you to learn how to communicate with one another while dating or in relationships. To inspire you to build a strong foundation, connection, while dating, or in relationships, and create the happiness you desire. Contact me for a scheduled consultation if you're interested in some inspiration towards learning how to communicate with others while dating or in relationships.  You’ll learn some quick easy to use tips you can apply immediately, so take action, sign up and let the magic happen and the fireworks begin!!! 

Sending a hug to you!!! 

Take your time and let me know when you’re ready!!

Embrace Your Future


Allow yourself to choose your path, manifest and continue to evolve...




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